Araz Étterem
Greek Sunday Brunch



FREE ENTRY TO THE WELLNESS area for our guests!

For the enhanced relaxation we offer free entry to the wellness area of Continental Hotel Budapest between 9 a.m. and Noon. (According to our house rules children under the age of 6 cannot use our pools) Besides unlimited food consumption we guarantee unlimited drink consumption from house wine, sodas, juices, mineral water, and lemonade. In addition, we will be offering our guests the ever so popular children’s corner along with an animator as well as suitable live music.


 You can join the Greek Sunday Brunches on the:
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of October 2017
between Noon and 3 p.m.


Jouvarlakia: Piquant meat dumpling soup
Vrasti soupa: Lamb ragout soup

Cold Appetizers
Kotosalata me pikilia lahanikon: Chicken breast strips on a bed salad with roasted seeds and pita
Gigantes: Tomato bean with crumbled feta cheese

Pikantiki saltsa: Tomato sauce with mayonnaise
Saltsa eleolapo: Sour dressing made of olive juice and olive oil
Saltsa me krema galaktos: Creamy dressing with wine vinegar, lemon juice and spicies

Main Courses
Glossa: Sole filet with pine nuts
Souvlaki hirini: Roasted marinated pork skewer
Bouti Arnisio: Rosemary lamb leg steak
Fileto galopoula: Orange turkey breast fillet

Side Dishes
Spana kopita: Spinach strudel
Dolmadekia: Grape leaves wrapped spicy rice
Mousakas: Eggplant and potato au gratin with spicy ground meat
Psiti Feta: Grilled feta slices and basil leaves with roasted bacon

Galaktobureko: Pastry baked vanilla semolina cream with citrus syrup
Fanouropita: Cinnamon and raisin cake
Giaurti m emeli: Soft yogurt sprinkled with flower honey


Price: 7490 HUF/person
Special discount for children: up to the age of 6 free of charge, 50 % discount between the age of 6 and 12


Table reservation:
Tel: +36 1-815-1100