Lunch menu

23.04.2014 (Wednesday) 2 course menu

Araz Cream cheese soup with cream

Araz Creamy pumpkin stew with turkey meatloaf

Araz Vegetarian:Risotto with green peas


23.04.2014. (Wednesday) 3 course menu

Paprika krémleves zsülien téliszalámival
Grillezett csirkemell - filé spenótos túrógombóccal

Araz Pumpkin soup with cinnamon

Araz Chicken thigh fillet with Yucatan vinegar sauce and green rice

Araz Banana tiramisu



Lunch menu

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Every day from Monday to Friday if you have your lunch with us you can choose from two and three courses’ daily menu offers which you can have for 1390 HUF and 1590 HUF. Our lunch menu is special, because the dishes are variable. On Saturday we offer three course menu with lemonade and one glass of wine or beer for 1990 HUF.
We offer free lemonade for our guests and our high quality is permanent!
We accept Erzsébet voucher as well.

You can have your daily menu between 12am and 15pm.

Tel.: +36 1-815-1100
Tel.: +36 1 815 1096
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Please check our offer 

Lunch Menu 22.04-26.04.

Lunch Menu 14.04-19.04.